Roasted Salmon Glazed With Brown Sugar and Mustard

We all want to eat more fish. Here's a quick and easy recipe for sweet and savory salmon. Once you try it, we bet you'll add it to your weekly menu rotation.

What a nutritionist eats when she starts feeling sick

Photo: Fair Winds Press You’re at the office, hard at work, when your cubicle-mate shows up with a fist full of tissues and a nagging cough. Cue: panic. What can you do to avoid catching contagious bugs (short of threatening to work from home until spring)? Photo: Fair Winds PressCook. After all, you are what you … Continue reading What a nutritionist eats when she starts feeling sick

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Sweet and Savoury Coconut Recipes

It's one of few ingredients that tastes as good paired with chicken as it does with chocolate. That's right, coconut has the whole versatility thing locked down. From healthy smoothies and light broths to utterly indulgent desserts

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