The hidden health hazards in workout supplements

supplements made in Australia are subject to "batch-testing" which means the risk of contamination is low and they're likely to contain what they claim – making Australian products much safer to use [...] So if you are keen on taking some kind of supplement, either pre- or post-workout, at the very least go Australian made.

Stay Healthy With 8 Home Remedies For Cold And Debunked Myths

A plethora of myths surround do-it-yourself sickness secrets, and while some hold true, many are made up.

Five Female Fitness Myths Debunked by Science

An exhaustive list of the downright fallacies women have been burdened with in our industry. So ladies AND gentleman, get ready to pay attention and take some notes. Time for Luke to set the record straight!

United States: Homeopathic Medicines Will Carry Labels Saying They’re Unscientific

The Federal Trade Commission just cracked down on an unusual product that has long enjoyed exemption from regulation: homeopathic drugs.

Cold therapy? Maybe better to save your money

Whole body cryotherapy exposes the body for a couple of minutes to vapor that has been supercooled. It was once confined mostly to elite athletes, but now centres have cropped up across the country asserting that the practice can lead to any number of health benefits. There is not much evidence, however, to back this up....