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I’m raising funds to Assistance Dogs Australia during my 250 km run in NZ! Less than 3 weeks away!!

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I am a personal trainer based in Bronte, Sydney and have owned and operated my own personal training business for more then 15 years.  I have a keen interest in peoples health and well being with also providing support in regards to achieving personal goals: whether it be from starting out on their fitness journey to training for a long distance event.

I am also a keen runner myself, competing in marathons and ultra marathons.  I am looking forward to my first 4 Deserts event as a runner in the Gobi Desert, North West China after volunteering during the Namibia Sahara stage in 2016 .

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Please check out the 4 Deserts web site! 4 Deserts Gobi March – June 2017

Michelle Furlotte
Bronte NSW

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