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I’m Michelle, an endurance athlete, adventurer and for my day job I am a strength and conditioning coach . As a coach I support people to their goals and helping others achieve their goals focuses me on my goals.

I’m always thinking about adventures and what I can do next , so as I am always thinking and planning , so that surely qualifies me as a full-time adventurer!

I believe a goal should be focused so I set a simple goal; complete one thing each year that challenges me.

In 2018 I ticked off my first ultra marathon event being the iconic Gobi March , 250km through the Gobi Desert. Just recently my my latest mission, was RacingThePlanet 250km in New Zealand. It was incredible, extremely challenging, beautiful and pushed me to finish. these are the experiences and adventures that make it all worth it .

So in brief, that’s me. If you want to know more, drop me a line. Mx

Please check out my latest blog: 4 Deserts Race – Queenstown NZ!!
I’m raising funds to Assistance Dogs Australia during my 250 km run in NZ! Less than 3 weeks away!!

Looking for my blog? Tough Love Coaching Blog

So glad you have decided to check me out. I hope you enjoy my site!

I am a personal trainer based in Bronte, Sydney and have owned and operated my own personal training business for more than 15 years.  I have a keen interest in people’s health and well being with also providing support in regards to achieving personal goals: whether it be from starting out on their fitness journey to training for a long distance event.

I am also a keen runner myself, competing in marathons and ultra marathons.  I am looking forward to my first 4 Deserts event as a runner in the Gobi Desert, North West China after volunteering during the Namibia Sahara stage in 2016 .

Find out more about me by clicking here.

Please check out the 4 Deserts web site! 4 Deserts Gobi March – June 2017

Michelle Furlotte
Bronte NSW

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