Tuesdays Moore Park/ Centennial Park 6:15PM – 7:30PM

Event Phone: 0407446588

This series of classes is suitable for runners of all age, ability and running experience.  Non-runners are also welcome.

At the start of each class you will be taken through a series of activation exercises and dynamic stretches, and each class finishes with a static stretching routine.


  • complete intensive training sessions in a safe and motivated group environment;
  • receive feedback on your running technique;
  • learn about structured running training;
  • improve your strength, speed and endurance; and
  • have fun and meet new running friends!

Please bring water and wear suitable running attire.

Stage 1 of the Gobi.. love this shot #gobimarch2017 #4deserts #running #friends

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Happy Holidays!!!

That’s a wrap on Toughlove Coaching Sessions for the Year 2017!

It’s been amazing to be surrounded by so many inspiring, beautiful people (……Tough, Crazy and Loud People Too!!)
Looking forward to many more ‘middle of the night’ training session and helping you kick some New Goals for 2018!
Happy Holidays, keep safe and jolly and keep moving!

Thanks Bec, too Funny 😂 Happy training #toughlovecoaching #strongwoman

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Time to get going 😬#4deserts #gobimarch2017 🏃‍♀️

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