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I am a Strength & Conditioning Coach@Tough Love Coaching / Endurance Runner / Adventure Racer.

Strength & Conditioning Coach@Toughlovecoaching


April 2000 – Present (16 years 10 months)-Sydney, Australia

Fitness Trainer to people from all walks of life. Running a thriving and vibrant business in Bondi Junction since 2000, providing strength conditioning, circuit training, weight loss and motivation.

Personal Trainer


April 2000 – Present (16 years 10 months) – Bondi junction

Running Coach


April 2000 – Present (16 years 10 months)Centennial Park, NSW

Group running and strength training to increase speed and strength with runners of all skill levels.

Marathon Coach / Ultra, Full, Half and Fun Runs

Can Too

February 2011 – 2015 (4 years)

Can Too is a non-profit program that matches fitness incentives with a good cause! Beginners and experienced athletes alike are given professional coaching as part of a team to run the marathon, half-marathon, 9k or 4km event. In return, participants raise sponsorship dollars that go towards funding Australian scientists working in cancer research through Cure Cancer Australia. For more information on Cure Cancer Australia check out www.cure.org.au

Can Too Run is for people at all fitness and experience levels who are able to train for their goals in a fun, safe and supportive environment. We will not only provide your training schedule but experts give information about nutrition, injury prevention and race strategy, and of course, the work of Cure Cancer Australia Foundation.


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