8 Herbs That You Can Grow In Water All Year Round

Herbs have long been used for their medicinal, culinary and aromatic qualities, and for anyone seeking a healthy lifestyle, it has never been easier to start building your herb garden – these 8 herbs can all be grown indoors using water alone.

The best way to ensure you have a fresh supply of your favourite herbs all year round is to grow them indoors – using just water. This is a simple step by step guide to get you started on your very own hydroponic, indoor herb garden.

What you need…

  • A selection of cuttings taken from your favourite herbs
  • A coloured plastic or glass bottle/jar for each of your cuttings (the darker the better as the last things roots want is exposure to any form of light
  • Water


  1. Remove all lower branches from your herb cuttings and prepare them into 5-6 inch sections.
  2. Choose containers that are not too tight around the neck at first as your herbs will grow and you don’t want to suffocate them.
  3. Fill the containers 80% full with fresh water and place one cutting into each, making sure to submerge a good amount of the stem,
  4. Place on a window ledge or area of the house that gets plenty of light and free movement of air, roots should begin to develop after 2-5 weeks depending on the species of herb.
  5. Woody stemmed herbs need their water changing around once a week until roots begin to develop, then the water should be disturbed at little as possible.

There are many herbs which grow well using this technique, some of our personal favourites are:

Sage – Place in water in spring and leave in a bright well ventilated area.

 Peppermint – This is the easiest herb to grow in water. Simply place your cuttings in your containers and watch the magic happen.

Basil – Take your cuttings before the Basil plant has flowered and place in a well lit area.

Thyme – Take cuttings during spring time and submerge well in water. When branches begin to grow, prune to encourage bushing.

 Rosemary – Although the woody stems of your rosemary cuttings may take some time to develop, the fresh shoots are quick to spring to life shortly afterwards. Be sure to keep it in a bright area.

Oregano – Place fresh oregano cuttings in water and when new shoots appear be sure to pinch them to encourage bushing and branching.

Tarragon – After new growth has appeared on the mother plant, take your cuttings and keep them in a warmer, brighter area. In no time at all you should see noticeable growth.

Spearmint – Exactly the same as peppermint – easiest herb to grow in the world. So why not give it a go today and get your mini hydroponic herb garden up and running. It really is great fun and an awesome way to ensure you have a constant supply of your favourite healers, flavours and smells in herb form.

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